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Maximize Value.

Mitigate Risk.

Your organization’s future is tied to a strong financial picture.

Whether completing a merger or acquisition, raising capital, fending off an activist attack or mastering your financial calendar communications, your reputation matters.

Increasing your value in the market hinges on clear communications at pivotal moments in your company’s evolution. You must consistently be prepared to address challenges from investors or other stakeholders.

Chances are we have seen your situation before.

With our experience from hundreds of critical transactions in the capital markets, chances are we’ve managed your situation before.

When the stakes are highest, we support you with the experience from countless similar situations. We develop and help you deliver the messages you need to emerge as the winner. We guide you smoothly through the process that you and your team may be facing for the first time.

We’ve advised on some of the world’s highest-profile mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, spin-offs, and activist attacks. Through strategic communications, we help companies maximize their value and move decisively ahead.

If the situation you face is unique and new, you'll want our team by your side even more.

Our team spans the world’s major capital markets, with professionals who have worked at the highest levels in their fields: analysts, bankers, proxy advisors and media and investor relations specialists.

Together, we’ll find the tailored solution for your need. The more complex, the more we thrive.


  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Equity capital markets

  • Equity advisory & investor relations
  • Activism defense

  • Private equity


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